President's invitation 



School Trustees:  Creating Educational Success – the next 30 years


Greetings, and welcome to the 30th Conference with New Zealand School Trustees Association!

Nau mai, haere mai ki te nei huihui mai nei o te Whakarōputanga Kaitiaki Kura o Aotearoa!


2019 marks thirty years of community-led governance in New Zealand’s self-managing schools. 

We have much to celebrate together, and as a member of NZSTA in 2019, your board will be in the forefront of our celebration, we have a lot to celebrate, wow!!!!!


For many of us, this is “the way it’s always been”. Those of us who remember the days before Tomorrow’s Schools - when we had school inspectors instead of ERO, and a Department of Education that made every decision for us, from the colour of paint on classroom walls to what teachers would and would not teach, to approving sick-leave -  have clear memories of the liberation that came with the new era of community leadership.


2019 will be a year of challenge, change and opportunity for us as the country comes to terms with the results of the Task force reviewing the Tomorrow’s Schools system (an education system designed to be inclusive of community voice) and decides how to reinvent that system for the twenty-first century. Again, membership of NZSTA puts your board at the leading edge of that process. What might this look like?  Have you had your say?


If you’re new to your role as a Board of Trustee member – WELCOME we will do all we can to awhi /support you, in this important role.


As school trustees, we know better than anyone how much work goes into governing a school, and we at NZSTA work tirelessly to support every board to govern effectively and, for our member boards, we work equally hard to advocate  for better recognition of the work you do, and to present your collective voice to others in the sector, and to the politicians and policy-makers who oversee the system we are part of.  The NZSTA Annual Conference is one of the best ways to acquire the skills that will equip you with the tools, knowledge, skills and confidence to be the best that you can in order to support your Principal and staff to ensure that all our children have access to quality education that is relevant and reflects who they are as young people.


Thank You

Thank you again to the many thousands of you who donate your time and energy pro bono to provide strategic leadership and support for your principal and staff, your students, and our future.  You get very few thanks for the commitment and the huge responsibility you have accepted.  So, from me personally and from all of us here at NZSTA, a very heartfelt thank you.


He kapiti hono, he tatai hono

That which is joined together becomes an unbroken line



Noho ora mai


Lorraine Kerr MNZM