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All NZSTA member boards are warmly invited to attend the NZSTA Annual General Meeting.

Our AGM is an important part of the annual NZSTA conference.  The NZSTA Annual General meeting (AGM) is your board’s best opportunity to discuss important issues direct with the NZSTA President and Board, and other NZSTA member boards.  NZSTA is your organisation. It is important that you take this opportunity to be heard.

All boards that are paid-up members of NZSTA (membership subs must be paid by 31 March 2017) are entitled to participate and vote at the AGM. The AGM is run in accordance with the rules set out in the NZSTA Constitution. The AGM agenda is set in advance by the NZSTA Board. AGM agenda items may be notified by member boards as notices of motion (remits).  Remit templates and other information will be sent to all boards asking for notices of motion to be returned to NZSTA national office by Monday 10 April.

Each NZSTA member board appoints one trustee to speak and vote on their behalf at AGM (the AGM Delegate) but every board member is encouraged to attend in support of their delegate and to listen to the discussions first-hand. You do not need to speak at AGM in order to be an AGM Delegate, but you must be an AGM Delegate in order to speak.

If your board is not able to attend conference, you should register a proxy vote through a delegate from another member board in your region.  An Appointment of Delegate form will be sent to your board in April, along with details of the remits that will be discussed. A quorum of 10% of all NZSTA member boards is required for AGM to proceed. The quorum is the minimum number of member boards that need to be present at the AGM to make valid decisions for the Association, so it is important that your board exercises its right to vote, either by its presence at the AGM or through a delegate.

The AGM provides the opportunity for your board to hold NZSTA officeholders to account for the running of the Association during the previous 12 months. Each year at the AGM members of NZSTA:

-    Receive and consider the NZSTA’s Board’s annual report to members

-    Receive and consider the NZSTA’s Board’s annual financial statement

-    Appoint the auditor for the coming year

-    Set the annual NZSTA membership fee

-    Consider other business of which due notice has been given

-   Consider any other business that the majority of voting member boards represented at the AGM choose to accept

To exercise your board’s right to vote at the AGM, you must ensure your board completes and returns an Appointment of Delegate form.  Appointment of Delegate forms will be sent to member boards in April 2017, and must be returned to NZSTA national office by seven days prior to the AGM (Saturday 8 July).


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