Geoff Knight

Geoff Knight could be the world's most unlikely Tenor!

An adopted child, overweight and bullied throughout his school years; the luck of the draw did not go well for Geoff. Kicked out of school at 14 Geoff rebelled and his choices led him into a world of drugs, violence and crime as a member of New Zealand’s largest outlaw motorcycle gang ‘Highway 61 MC’. Providence intervened in the form of a freak motorcycle accident causing Geoff to face up to the realities of his life. Confronted with the knowledge that the road he was on could only lead to prison or the cemetery; some tough decisions and the courage to face the facts of his life and the demons in his past allowed Geoff to take his first steps down a new path. This path has led to Geoff becoming an award winning tenor, sought after speaker and valued member of our community. In a rapidly changing World filled with uncertainty, Geoff's experience offers many valuable lessons about recognising opportunities for growth, overcoming adversity and seeking new or alternative pathways.

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